The Secure Self Hosted Cloud (SSHC)

The background for this solution was trigger by the AI scraping of internet, especially at the major hosting providers server farms. In short your content/data, at a major hosting company, can be (and are) used as input for their AI solutions!

We also did some estimation of the energy needed to run huge server farms that are not utilized to 100% consuming energy that are not delivering services. No need to say that the degree of efficiency is not 100% and thereby none sustainable solution’s.

Since the cloud services in general are very comfortable to use, we decided to desing a solution that uphold the benefits of cloud services and at the same time protects your data and give you 100% control over your data!

Our design principles always has sustainably as the main focus, and the objective was to design a solution that was as low as possible when it comes to power consuming.

The user experience was to be as similar as possible as the experience at the current major hosting companies and the same function like document editing online and so on.

The SSHC solution 100% autonomous and operates 24/7 without need for support or operational support. Nevertheless in the business model we suggest that SSHC is sold and a subscription solution with a first consumer investment for the hardware.

The subscription fee is needed for updates of the SSHCs and second line support.

Customer target is the home market and the SME segment.

Status. Solution is 100% operational.