The Mailroom

After being flooded with emails for decades, we decided to do something about it. We felt that reading email is not an occupation, and we were losing valuable “day light” just reading emails! We decided to create a virtual email assistant The Mailroom!

The design was based on Dr Karl von Branders research from 1937, where he addressed the huge number of mails and parcels, that was manger by the mailroom at larger companies in those days.

Dr von Brandes mantra was “Its very few people that just leave the mail in the mailbox! The majority sorts the mail for later processing.”

The virtual assistant monitors your inbox 24/7 and automatically sorts your incoming emails for later processing according to your work habits and needs. Different ticklers are sent to you giving you your the mail status and information of need for processing.

We decided to design a solution that was using machine learning in order to do progressive handling of emails, an AI solution!

A second design principle as that there shall not not be a special app, GUI or website for managing the structure and the learning process, all shall be possible to do in the email client, regardless of client type! The solution works in your mobile phone as well in all your other clients that you have attached to that mail account, regardless of mail system.

At our test we have had users that has saved up to 2-3h of working time daily using the Mailroom.

Customer target is anyone the are flooded by email, but the main target are major company that want to take the email storms off from the employees.

Status. The solution is 100% ready for delivery, this is and as a service solution to be sold on subscription basis. Note! Developed in LUA.